Founded in 1970. Cohen, Ben-Ner, Doron & Co is an established, well known Law Firm, with over 40 years of Legal expiriance.

CBD Provides Legal services in various areas such as Civil and Commercial law, administrative law, Litigation, Energy and Infrastructure projects, Gas and Oil market, Finance, Corporate Law, Partnerships, Medical Malpractice Claims, and Medical Professional liability , Professional liability of Attorneys, General Insurance, Real Estate Transactions, and Project Development, Sell & Lease, and the Day To Day Legal Escort for privates and business.



Attorneys Dan Ben-Ner and Ofer Doron are both highly appreciated by the Israeli Legal community, Both Attorneys, Ben-Ner and Doron have accomplished great success Practicing Litigation and appearing in complex Legal Proceedings in a range of areas of civil and commercial Law.

CBD Practice focuses in the Fuel and Gas Market In Israel, The development and Construction of Gas and Fuel stations and Commercial centers and operating and Lease agreements of Gas & Oil




CBD's practice concentrates on real estate transactions, Development projects and contracts Legal services.

CBD Provides Legal Services for transactions such as; constructors and construction companies, "Tama 38", "Kvuzot Rechisha" and the private sector. CBD Attorneys regularly appear before the Israeli Lands Administration and registry, land taxation authorities, (Purchase Tax, Capital Gains Tax, Land-Betterment Tax).

CBD's practice also focuses on the general insurance and professional liability, medical Negligence and Medical Malpractice. CBD represents insurance companies in medical malpractice claims and represents lawyers dealing with professional liability claims.

In recent years, CBD expanded practice in an important evolving legal field of arbitration and mediation process. Former Magistrate's Court Justice, Attorney Daniel Ernst serves as an arbitrator and mediator in complex civil disputes, some of which are referred by the courts of Israel.

CBD's Attorneys practice focuses on the  Energy and infrastructure area. This unique expertise has led the firm to escort many land developers and land owners with the professional, correct and appropriate Legal service. Whether for construction of gas and fuel stations, preparation of agreements for the construction and operation of gas stations, commercial trade and distribution of gasoline, diesel and fuel, transportation and storage of fuels and the like.

Over the years CBD firm was involved in the construction and initiation of dozens of Fuel/Gas stations in Israel.

Attorney Dan Ben-Ner is appointed by the courts to serve as a mediator or arbitrator in disputes in Energy and Fuel sector.

CBD provides legal services for business and privates in various fields.
The various practices of the senior partners and attorneys at CBD enable us to provide our clients with a range of legal services, which typically require the services of several of law offices.

CBD prides itself in providing professional, personal and dedicated  Legal service to its clients.

For further Information Contact:                          

                                             Cohen, Ben-Ner, Doron & Co.,

                                                    4 Berkovitz St. "Museum Tower", 9th floor,

                                                                Tel Aviv, 64238, Israel

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