Energy, Fuel, and Infrastructure

Our firm specializes in advising clients operating in the Energy sector. We have particular expertise in negotiating the agreements necessary for the establishment of gas stations as well as their ongoing operations.

We provide legal assistance at the establishment stage, by locating a convenient, reliable fuel provider, negotiating the terms of the lease, and drafting all the necessary contracts.

Attorney Ofer Doron, the firm’s executive manager, served for many years, as the legal counsel to the Pi-Glilot Petroleum terminals and Pipelines Ltd. The State-owned company was one of Israel’s leading companies in the energy field until its’ dissolution in 2019. Attorney Doron continues to represent Israel’s leading fuel companies.

In addition, our firm provides legal services to leading contracting companies in the Israeli market, including veterans in the field of infrastructure, roads, and earthworks.

In addition to representation and counseling on tenders and other matters, we also manage all legal procedures related to the contracting field, on a large financial scale.

Attorney Ofer Doron is a sought-after arbitrator in the contracting field, and has presided over extensive arbitrations in the field of infrastructure and contracting.

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