The Law of Medicine

For many years, we are providing representation for key medical institutions, including Israel’s major hospitals and medical institutes, health insurance companies and nursing homes and long-term care facilities.

We have also assisted with the establishment of new service providers, pharmacies and startup companies in the health sector.

Attorney Doron and other attorneys in our firm possess significant regulatory and licensing experience in health-care, and a large portion of our activities are conducted vis-à-vis the Ministry of Health and various regulatory bodies.

Our ongoing services to health-care institutions include licensing, forming protocols, drafting commercial agreements, privacy, labor law, and representation in hearings held by professional committees, courts of law, tribunals, and the High Court of Justice.

Our in-depth understanding of the world of collective agreements, as it pertains to the healthcare industry, allows us to provide comprehensive and effective counseling to medical institutions and practitioners in this field.

צור קשר

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